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Situational analysis of education, nutrition needs
of children of migrant construction workers in Bengaluru 

Institute for Social and Economic Change, Karnataka State Integrated Child Protection Society, Women and Child Development Department



The need

When rural families move to urban centers in search of work, it impacts children in different ways. Many remain out of school; many are forced to drop out and some become vulnerable to work as child labour due to the seasonal mobility of their parents.


There has been little research on the issues related to education, nutrition, and health of migrant construction workers. This study sought to address this gap by looking at the children of migrant workers in Bengaluru as an important step towards a policy conversation.

The study

The study, commissioned by the Karnataka State Integrated Child Protection Society, Women and Child Development Department, was conducted at 14 dwelling places of migrant workers in Bengaluru. Five hundred and sixty children across 300 households were interviewed during the research.

The study focused to understand the demographics and socio-economic conditions of children and understand the status of their access to education and health entitlements. 

The analysis also looked to identify and assess gaps in social services scheme delivery in order to arrive at recommendations for areas to improve their education and nutrition status.

Policy suggestions

  • Engaging children beyond school hours

  • Easing the process to avail benefits given by the government to the construction workers

  • Providing adequate funding for NGOs

  • Encourage vocational training centres for training the children in skills can benefit them to attain better jobs and escape from the clutches of poverty.

  • Enhancing Education levels through existing institutions and networks to make tailormade programs

  • Increasing collaboration between NGOs and construction companies

  • Setting up mobile crèche services by Labour Department

  • Thinking beyond the conventional parameter of nutrition security

  • Linking AYUSH program to improving health and nutrition among children

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