Integrated Management of Storage and Movement System with FCI

Integrated Management of Storage and Movement System with FCI

Supported by Ericsson

The Opportunity

Efficient supply chain operations and optimization of storage and distribution can greatly contribute towards better utilization and timely access to food grains for the beneficiaries.


The Solution

WFP Trust for India, with support from the Ericsson India Global Services Private Limited, is working together to support the Government of Food Corporation of India (FCI) in the areas of Supply Chain Optimization and Data Analytics for enhancement of their operations.


Areas of Work

Multiple areas of support have been identified from which two were agreed upon for action in consultation with FCI and the Department of Food and Public Distribution (DoFPD). These are:

  • Technical assistance for continuous improvements through Data Analytics of FCI operations.
  • Improvements in Supply Chain Planning, Visibility, and Optimization.

Further, capacity building on storage, improvements in handling and transport, improvements in the management of cereal surplus will also be undertaken.


Progress so Far:

  • A team of experts in the areas of supply chain optimization has been placed and data analysis has been completed.
  • Formalization of a data structure for data collection from monthly food bulletin is now in the public domain for initial baseline and as-is scenario analysis.
  • Development of prototype algorithm has been done for supply chain optimization ‘Inventory Fraction Model’ to ensure inventory is always within capacity limits through the year in levels in states like Punjab and Haryana.
  • Collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, to support WFP in the development of interfaces for the implementation of supply chain optimization.